Museums of Europe. The Bavarian National Museum

Italy 2012 – 60′

As part of the TV series “Musei d'Europa” (“Museums of Europe”) this documentary portrays the Bavarian National Museum in Munich.

Only a few steps off the English Garden, situated on the boulevard of the Prinzregentenstraße in the heart of the city, this jewel is not yet touched by the waves of mass tourism which inundate the city's three famous pinacothecas.

The Bavarian National Museum is not only a pure treasure of precious objects from past centuries, but also a surprisingly fascinating place full of life thanks to the main characters of this documentary: the people who in their daily work, merging their ideas and creativity, ensure that the thousands of works stored in this building are presented in the best way possible.

The documentary not only focuses on the major works in the exhibition, but also shows the difficulties and challenges connected to maintaining such an institution, organising exhibitions, restoring and “bringing back to life” objects that have been stored for a long time, planning and realising events.

At intervals, the director of the Museum, the conservators, the press spokeswoman or the security guards will tell the audience about their work in the Bavarian National Museum from the moment it opens its doors until the last lights are switched off at night.

This documentary was produced by Pupi Avati and Duea for TV2000.
Alpenway Media GmbH contributed on spot as Production Service Company.

A film by Alessandro Melazzini.