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Kruna the violin and the stage fright

Germany 2021 – 25′

When Kruna picks up the violin, she prefers to be alone.

Listeners make her nervous because she is afraid of not playing well enough. She therefore avoids public performances. Kruna is eleven years old and lives in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. She has been learning the violin for five years and wants to master the instrument perfectly. 

She has just started practising a new melody – an old Serbian song. One day, on her way to the violin lesson, Kruna meets a vegetable seller at the weekly market who suggests she play the violin there. This is a huge challenge for Kruna, but one she wants to accept. She hopes to get her stage fright under control. She assiduously practices the old Serbian melody with her violin teacher Ivana.

She encourages Kruna to fight her fear of performing. Her family also lovingly strengthens her. Shortly before the performance, Kruna slips into an elegant costume from the 60s, which is like a protective suit for her against stage fright.

Then she takes a deep breath, walks past the fruit and vegetable stalls, stands in the middle of a small square and begins to play.

A film by Miloš Tomić.

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