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Italo Disco. The sparkling sound of the 80s

Germany/Italy 2021 – 62′, 52′, 43′

Italo Disco. The sparkling sound of the 80s immerses the audience in a musical universe of an era.

An era where millions of young Europeans would let loose to a wild beat of music made with synthetic and captivating melodies, more or less weird English lyrics, electronic rhythms and visionary music videos.

They were cybernetic tracks fueled by hopes and dreams of the young musicians, who were capable of releasing mind-blowing pop, and always moving between trash and brilliance.

It was the world of Italo Disco: born in Italy, reinforced in Germany, that made the whole planet dance.
By telling the birth and development of a music genre with many souls, this documentary analyzes the creative, productive and business aspects of what was a music industry and social phenomenon.

By doing an in depth archive research with interviews to artists and leading personalities of that time.

Pulsing to the engaging rhythm of tracks of that era, as well as revealing lesser-known cult songs unknown to the general public, Italo Disco. The sparkling sound of the 80s takes the viewer on a journey of discovery of a sound that is as commercial as it is futuristic.

The sound of an era often told but not always understood.

A film by Alessandro Melazzini.


  • Opening film – Roxy Music Fest 2023
  • Special Mention Award – Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival 2023
  • Gold Remi Award – WorldFest- Houston International Film Festival 2023

Press kit

  • Please download it here


  • Michelangelo and Carmelo La Bionda
  • Sabrina Salerno
  • Savage
  • Johnson Righeira
  • Pierluigi Giombini
  • Linda Jo Rizzo
  • Daniele Baldelli
  • DJ Hell
  • Mathias Modica
  • Claudio Casalini 
  • Flemming Dalum
  • Ivo Stefano Germano
  • Christa Mikulski
  • Eckhart Schmidt




  • The original music score by Luca Vasco is available at all the most famous music streaming services

Press comments

‘Italo Disco' – More Than Boogie Nights.


That of the 80s Italian Disco is the story of a worldwide success.

Rolling Stones Italia

Only in retrospect does it become clear how cool Italo disco was.

Welt am Sonntag

Once upon a time in the Beach!


A wonderful documentary.

Wired Italia

40 years later, italo disco gets historical justice in this fantastic and beautiful pop documentary, as happiness music that is as futuristic as it is romantic – I loved every second of it!

Hans Niewandt

In fact, there is a surprising amount to say.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur

An exciting ride.

La Stampa.

It is also the story of an international cultural intertwining.


It makes an excellent attempt to give the genre a better name.

De Volksrant

A less light-hearted and innocent genre than previously believed.

Il Messaggero

It goes beyond the strict musical framework.

Le Polyester

The pace of the film impress immediately.


It shows what is hidden behind the catchy melodies and the characteristic synthesizer sound.

Magazin Actualne

An illuminating documentary.

Fred FM

Careful research work and exquisite archive material.

Cinéfilo Serial

In this documentary it is really told and shown for what Italo Disco really was.

A rigorous study -but no less attractive and vibrant for that.

A Sala Llena


  • Roxy Music Fest 2023
  • Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival 2023
  • WorldFest-Houston 2023
  • Epos International Art Film Festival 2023
  • INTRO Film Festival Kiev 2022
  • Verso Sud – Festival des italienischen Films 2022
  • In-Edit Barcelona 2022
  • Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2022
  • Lucca Film Festival 2022
  • OPO Festival 2022
  • Insko Film Summer Festival  2022
  • Oulu Music Video Festival 2022
  • UNERHÖRT! Musikfilmfestival Hamburg 2022
  • In-Edit Netherlands 2022
  • Burgas International Film Festival 2022
  • Curtas Vila do Conde 2022
  • Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2022
  • Musikfilmtage Oberaudorf 2022
  • Beat Film Festival Moscow 2022
  • CineMAS – The Alternative Film Festival 2022
  • See the Sound 2022
  • Kino Otok 2022
  • Millennium Docs Against Gravity Warsaw & Wrocław 2022
  • Beldocs – International Documentary Film Festival Belgrade 2022
  • Bellaria Film Festival 2022
  • Dock of The Bay Music Documentary Film Festival San Sebastián 2022
  • IndieLisboa 2022
  • Bafici – Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2022
  • Festival del Cinema Tedesco Rome 2022
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2022
  • Seeyousound International Music Film Festival Turin 2022
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022
  • Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2021