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Like a River. The Ska faces

Germany 2015 – 35′

Ska is a musical genre loved by many but ignored by most.

For real aficionados this is not a problem, but a mark of distinction. Because mods, skinheads and rudeboys are united by something more than music: the refusal to conform to the society in which they live, where wealth, appearance and always being fashionable are important.

Instead they have their own distinctive style: polo shirt with collar, sunglasses and drainpipe trousers for the mods; the original skins wear more ‘threatening' clothing: heavy boots on their feet, braces, shaved heads and tattoos. They are often mistaken for unruly and violent racists. But is that actually the case?

In a journey that starts in Piazza Statuto in Turin and ends in Trieste, the short film Like a river, propels us into the lives of Oskar, singer in the group Statuto, Torino FC supporter and spokesman for the Italian Mod scene; Tommaso the rudeboy double-bassist in the band The One Droppers; Sergio, a lawyer and devotee from Milan; and the young skinhead Emilano and his mod friends from Trieste.

Like a Riverpresents a remarkable musical journey into the world of youth culture linked to Jamaican beats that will surprise the audience by breaking down the barriers of stereotypes and prejudices.

A film by Alessandro Melazzini.

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Since this documentary is a gift to all fans of jamaican music, it is available to be watched and spread for free on the Internet (italian language with english subtitles), here:

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The premiere of Like a Rivertook place at the UNERHÖRT! Festival Hamburg in 2015.