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Clark and the great concert in the Sistine Chapel

Germany 2020 – 25′

Clark loves singing so much that he has changed school to go to one where, in addition to studying normal subjects such as mathematics, geography and drawing, he also receives singing lessons in a choir. 

The choir in which Clark sings is the oldest in the world. It was founded almost 600 years ago by a pope and is called ” Sistine Chapel Choir”. It's still the Pope′s personal choir. 

In addition to singing, Clark also has another passion: unlike most Italian children, he does not play football but plays rugby. This sport allows him to let loose and unleash all his energy, to then be able to concentrate again on singing. 

In fact, an important challenge awaits him: the concert in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, one of the most beautiful stages in the world. 

Clark will have to sing in front of important representatives of the Church of Rome. 
Thus begin an intense period of rehearsals in view of the great concert.  

A film by Angelo Bozzolini.

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